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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fountain of Memory

Sad that my baby is off to college stirred with joy for his
adventures. Around me everyone tells their own university
story, sharing in the memories of those days when faces, ideas,
and libraries were new.
Why do we relate as humans to our own flow?
Is it universal water that we drink?
Working with a tool prowritingaid to polish sentences
and writing edits. Will it help me share my own existence?

What editing tools have you purchased? I've tried a few.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Henry Miller and Emil White

Letter to Emil White from Henry Miller
They did enjoy a long life- 80 and 88

Henry Miller's typewriter image above.
Hear it clicking and the return jamming?
What would it be like for you to press hard on each key
pounding out every word, then to trash the pages with errors.
No spell check, no copy and paste no easy edits...

Come to my rescue as I complete 3rd revision 
How are you writing?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Collector of Rain

Collector of rain,
tea cups, heirloom seeds and roses.
Fill the orange Home Depot buckets.
My job is a raucous fight where I smile.
My home is for sale
where does the wind lead?
Son leaves for college in days.
Your birthday is on September 11th?
Sit while I brew lavender tea.
Hummingbirds sip with us, 
 Siberian Wallflower blooms.
Monarchs chrysalis in the canyon.

Caroline Gerardo 9/14/2015

It's raining tonight. After two years of drought the sound of rain in my bucket retention system is a dance. I got my submission in to the Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature around 3:30 AM. Wish I had another week for editing, but my  schedule is demanding.  I hope you are well. The photograph is the beginnings of new butterflies in the canyon below my house. I planted milkweed and salvia for the monarchs and there are thousands of them collecting food and doing what makes them happy. Poem above untitled for the moment, perhaps "Welcome Change"     

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Born to Build Something Wonderful

A post to my daughter September 10th. 

"You were born to build something wonderful!"

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ebay Selling Plymouth Rock

Down Sizing using ebay. This is an adventure with people who have rocks in their brain.

I'm selling stuff on ebay coordinating with clean sweeping my house (selling the big house
where I raised my children all by myself).

Ebay is a microcosm of the real world. Commerce, work, and some nuts lurk there. It's not easy. The process of photographing, uploading, packing, shipping and answering questions takes time.
There was a time when I was rich.Twice a year I would donate ten bags and ten boxes of stuff to the Salvation Army and be rid of clutter. I no longer need a write off. I want to earn a little dough for son's college extra account.
 Here's why it's hard:
 1.  Hat pins that were from turn of the century. Some were in need of a good silver polish and some needed a couple jewelry welds. I took ten photos of them and sold as one lot. There were actually twenty seven in the photograph. A woman bought them. She complained that I didn't ship them fast enough ( I shipped according to the ebay estimate for United States Postal service. Ebay Always underestimates the cost of shipping by fifty percent. I lose there.) I had not said I would overnight them. I sent out the same day I got paid in pay pal. But the pickle is buyers send their money by credit card and there is a lag day or two for me to see the money. She also complained that some were not as pretty as in the pictures, and that some were missing. I come to find out this woman has a store and she re-sells what she buys on ebay... whatever ...
2. Listed an iphone 5. I took pictures of the cracked corners of the glass and mentioned in detail that they buyer would have to go get a new glass put on. The cost to "reglaze" or whatever the correct term is ... is about $125. I discounted the price of the phone by $130 from other models listed. The guy who bought it sent me two nasty messages before he recieved the phone. The day he opened it he started emailing me his demands to give him my apple ID and password. Next he wanted my ATT user and password. I told him "no". Then he sent messages with curse words. I don't offer returns but told him to carefully pack, insure and ship the phone back for a full refund. He complained to ebay that the phone is - what did he call it? "jail breaked." I looked up the term. No idea how or why someone jail breaks a phone. This was a lie to be able to keep the phone AND get a refund from me. 3. Oh and the crook who bought the Matisse poster...

I have a piece of rock. Years ago when my grandparents were alive my Grandfather chiseled a piece of stone off Plymouth Rock. Today the rock is down deep in this encased showcase so that people no longer take a little bit home. If I list the rock on ebay will my deceased Grandpa be in trouble with park rangers? Will some nut out there send me personal swear messages about the pebble? My stuff is just stuff. I think I am going to put that on my ebay home page. No guarantees.

Magic rock for sale. Once touched by Pilgrims near Massachusetts Bay. Was also washed by the same Atlantic Ocean where the Kardashians once swam... Touched by a poet who needs to get rid of stuff
Thanks for reading